The Journey

A Labour of Love the Journey

The Aston Tavern was restored and extended in 2013, but sat empty for over 20 years before this. The Aston Tavern was purchased by the current owners, when their previous pub, The Kind Edward VII, was purchased by Birmingham City Council for demolition to allow road widening for the Aston Regeneration taking place.

The Aston Tavern has been a labour of love, with emphasis put on restoring the Edwardian elements of the Pub. Take a look at the gallery below to get a feel for our journey so far!


The History 

The pub as we know it today, was built in 1904, just before Aston was absorbed by Birmingham. The pub was extended in 2013, but as with all of Aston Parish, the site is steeped in History!

An Archaeological dig behind the pub in 2013, revealed remains of the medieval village of Aston, a few hundred years older than Aston Hall. A cluster of houses near St peter and St Paul church are marked on a map of 1758. The excavations found two ditches which contained Pottery dating back to the early 13th and early 14th centuries. There was also the base of a medieval stone wall. Pottery found on the site was mostly made locally, it included pieces of cooking pots. There were also pieces of pitchers made in the Bull Ring and deritend area.

A foundation stone revealed when restoring the pub states ‘YE OLD ASTON TAVERN; BUILT 1561. REBUILT 1891’


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